You really need to read this beautiful writeup from the heart of my best friend..& remember to drop a comment


She walked into the studio with a deviant glare and  pranced about like a stallion till she took her majestic seat. As is my nature, I studied her intently. My friend Tunji and C.E.O of Goldmynds ( had called me up a week earlier to do the makeup for their cover girl. A model named Rachel Scott. I wasn’t sure what to expect but needless to say, she blew my mind. She is the most professional model  I have had the pleasure of working with. She had confidence oozing out of her pores as she proudly showed me loads of pictures from her previous work. She didn’t hesitate to tell you off if she felt you were crossing your boundaries. I saw so many sides of her in those few hours, I could write a book. She’s beautiful, deviant, sexy, ambitious, daring, intelligent,unpretentious, professional but most of all…

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