The Day I became the 1st Nigerian to drive a BMW Active Hybrid 5

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It happened yesterday June 17, 2012. I just got delivery of my BMW Active Hybrid 5 (2012 model). After 3 months of placing my order in the Germany office, my dream ride has become a reality. From my blackberry dp & wallpaper to the parking lot in my office. I was ecstatic. I was excited. I’m still excited.

The agent that delivered it was even more excited than I was. “Oga, this car no be normal car o: na space ship.” I laughed at his comical gesture and continued analyzing the features of the car. If anyone thought my reward was in heaven, then my heavenly experience just started. I called the sales manager in Germany, Barry Silverstein, to thank him for all his help during the negotiations.

I hurriedly got into my new baby to see how fitted and soothing it was and WOW: it was like riding on heaven’s street. Every thing seemed exactly as I had envisioned it to be and even exceeded my expectations. Now, finally at last my dream car has become my real car. This was physical proof that “if you can dream it, then you can achieve it”.

My wife whom I intended to surprise with the news was amazed at the differences between her BMW 318i series and the $72000 540i series. Imagine your car having a function that generates electrical power to run itself from the battery. It’s automatically activated each time you come to a junction or traffic congestion and has the capacity to go as far as 60 miles per hour without consuming your N97 per litre petrol.

Did I mention the “proximity alert” feature it has: it alerts you when you’re about to hit something or someone (although you’ll need to input the minimum distance you would like to keep for it to be active). Excited, I took my newly found love on a ride. I had to test this baby. Just at the time when I was cruising on Ikorodu road, a 89 year old man (I would later discover his age) was about crossing the expressway and was in collision course with my baby.
The alert given me by the car simultaneously helped the car come to a complete halt without tumbling (a stunt only seen in James Bond films). Wow, that was close.

Imagine my testimony that I killed a n old man on my first ride. I felt tensed. I felt hot. I began sweating. It was at that point I realized that I had not put on the air conditioner in the car. I was sweating profusely. Thank God I did not hit the man. What would have come of my $70,000 investment. I decided to park off road to calm myself down. As I was about to put on the AC to cool me down, I received a hot slap on my back. It was my wife: “WAKE UP, WAKE UP…you’re sweating profusely & it is making me uncomfortable on this bed….”. And then I woke up, and realized it was all a dream…… A dream from the very first sentence of this write up.

……..Here’s just to apologize to all my fans reading this for the silence on my part for slowing down on the publishing of my inspiring articles. This is just to test and see if I’ve not forgotten how to write…. So what do you think? If I write a book, would you purchase a copy?

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