A Mind-blowing week of learning


Tick, tick, and tick like the hand of the clock the days of the week rolled by. Its a week that gave my brain quite some work to do (I mean thinking creatively) and eventually using my time effectively.

At Elophotos world on Wednesday, I met my boss editing and putting finishing touching to a video interview of a classic photographer (Micheal Adebiyi) and I watched him with rapt attention. Not long after, he stood up to attend to other vital issues and I humbly sought his indulgence to explain the job to me so l can go on with it, because honestly I was already feeling restless not doing anything. He gladly consented and put me through in few seconds.

Once he took his leave, I fastened my sit belt and continue where my boss stopped. At first, it took me a while composing the question creatively but overtime I found my footing and off I went. This was something I have never done before, nevertheless I took it as an opportunity to learn it and store the knowledge in my mental hard disk.

Its a new day! A day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it was my words when I open my eyes and behold its Thursday. I quickly did my morning routine and set out for office (Elophotos) the habitation of mind blowing books I really want to digest, and the dwelling of creative pictorial works.

On getting to the street I changed my mind to go on bike which was my first attempt from my door house straight to the office. I determined in my mind not to pay any JJC fare any longer to the bike men or conductor, so I put my negotiating skills which is also one of the skills I learnt at Elophotos to work and guess what, oh it works! I mean I took the bike from oke-ira (Aguda inside) down to fagba crescent at N80 as compare to how I took it before at N100 from Aguda bus stop to First gate.

I walked into the office, got the environ cleaned up and settled down to continue with the book have started reading on understanding exposure. The saying that knowledge is power is so true because as I divulged the book I began to have an in-depth knowledge of how to get a great pictures under different scene (be it snow time, at dusk, at sunrise, at sunset, and so on) with the right exposure.

After so much satisfaction from the book, I switched to editing pictures on my PC, practicing using my magical photoshop. I realized that practice, practice makes perfect. With Photoshop one is prone to forget the use of few tools if one does not constantly put them to use.

At around quarter to four, a brief meeting anchor by Mr. Seun Akisanmi was held with the interns, where the organizational values, the project at hand, pro and cons, the dos and donts were clearly stated. At a point in the course of the meeting I felt bad because I wont be around on Mondays when deliberations about the week will be done. The meeting came to an end at 5.30pm or thereabout and I left the office with this melancholy feeling which persisted till sleep caught my eyes as I laid my head on my pillow pondering at night.

The next morning (Friday), I got to the office earlier than the normal resumption hour as instructed by my boss. I got there as an obedient servant and I was sent immediately to Victoria Island to give one of our prestigious client something which apparently she needed that same morning of her birthday. I bounced on the street anticipating on getting to VI where I will feed my eyes with the goodies that awaits me. (Am not a Lagos Girl, I be Journey Just Come, so dont blame me).

I put a call through to the client so I can get the description of where am going and merely hearing her voice on phone which is so endearing, even increases my anticipation the more. The Holy Spirit made it so easy enough for me to locate the place with little or no stress and here comes my way an epitome of beauty. If I had not seen her picture before now, I would have believed her radiant beauty today was because of the celebration in the air. We exchange pleasantries, deliver the message and of course I didn’t forget to congratulate her and also ask if the cake will get to me. We laughed it off and bade each other bye. Mission accomplished, LOBATAN! Just like Photoshop, there are one or two other ways to get to your destination in Lagos, so was the case as I journey back to the office.

Another encounter I had with another vibrant soul, (Mr Emmanuel Bright) is also something that lingers in my memory throughout the day. A believer, an idealistic and a vision carrier are the three words I will use in describing him. We got talking just for a short minute and he got my horizon widening up for greater works. To a fool it might seem he talks too much but to me, his words were not only meaningful but also inspiring to keep you spell bound up to his final statement. Moreover he talks for a living, so who cares once it reflects on the positive side in his bank account. I like such people, will want to be around them and learn from them especially because the Bible says that in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.

Photographically yours,
Tosin Bakre.
Plan to attend the next session of Basic Course in Photography
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