The Groom that almost missed his wedding

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The following conversation was between a couple whose wedding we recently covered. The groom came very late to church and the bride was in tears thinking he won’t show up. The conversational exchange was written on a paper that I would eventually find in my care.

Bride: You made me cry in public.
Groom: Why were you crying?
Bride: Uncontrollable emotions. You kept me waiting at the altar, and you also kept the church waiting. It’s a sign. Mschewwww!
Groom: What sign? I couldn’t knot the bow tie, couldn’t get socks too.
Bride: you have come again oh! Bad sign!!! The gist will also go round. Bad sign.
Groom: it’s our wedding day babe and there is no bad sign unless you’re envisaging something, and who cares about what other peeps think.
Groom: You’re slowly ruining my day.
Bride: You want to turn the tables? I forgive you, tell me sorry.
Groom: I have been saying sorry since I came. I won’t come to my own wedding late intentionally.


If you were the bride whose groom was running 1 hour late and not picking his calls, what would you do?

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  1. swiftshotzimagery · May 11, 2012

    ye pa ri pa, my mother – in – law go pinish me


  2. Anonymous · May 11, 2012

    i go laugh o!! i need permission to re-post this story so that i can get pple’s opinion.


  3. Adetutu · May 11, 2012

    It was not a big deal though the bride tried to make it one and I don’t know what i would have done if in her shoes… The guy should have carried her along, they may have some unsorted issues with communication which could show up in their marriage if not dealt with. Putting a call through to the bride explaining the reason for the delay would have saved the tears. Communication is key and who cares what other people think? They should go and solve their own issues cos they’ve got loads of it!


    • elophotos · May 11, 2012

      It is well. God will help them


    • lateeisha · May 11, 2012

      it was a big deal oo….and i dont think she made it a big deal…at least she didnt cause a scene or start shouting uncontrollably…


  4. Bhummie · May 11, 2012

    Would have probably done the same thing,a thousand thoughts would have gone through my mind all in that one hour especially if he wasnt picking my call.But I would have cried too and PRAYED alot and when he did show up,hug him and then proceed to punch him in places that will hurt but will still function adequately.


    • elophotos · May 11, 2012

      Just take it easy with the punching o. It is well


  5. H•A•W · May 11, 2012

    The Groom is crazy!


  6. Ayodele · May 12, 2012

    Am just coming from a wedding at the time of writing dis blive this issue of a thing happens, the bride was the one that make the groom wait but is not up to an hour sha! All she could say is am sorry to the groom who is waiting patiently with a open arms to receive her.. I guess understanding play a big role there…


  7. Gladys · May 12, 2012

    There’s something about a Groom keeping a Bride waiting at the altar and taking it so lightly that bodes evil for the marriage.
    If I were in her shoes, I sincerely think I would call the wedding off and go home. Shikena!


  8. Sharon Salu · May 19, 2012

    It just doesn’t look good. The mind can begin to play terrible tricks, and the word “JILTED” might come to mind. I don’t wish it on anybody sha.


  9. dzarnett · August 19, 2012

    Pls i feel it was a big deal too o. Hmmn groom show up late ke. Well i trust my parents to start thinking of damage control oonce he’s running 15mins late sef. As the bride i think for now i can say that i’ld have started laughing at myself. Thats what i do most times am in trying situations. But on second thought am sure so many things will go through my mind and i cant say for sure what i would have done if i was the bride.


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