Its quite amazing how dreams come true so soon.
Exactly six months ago, I had prayed and panted (just like the deer pants for water) to be under the tutelage of a personality I met and highly respect. Since my encounter with the CEO of eloPhotos Studio (Mr Seun Akisanmi) at the D-SAP photography training last year, I had dreamt of having an advance training under him so has to equip myself with more knowledge in the field of photography and most importantly to learn the right attitude and dispositions to clients and the photography business which an average Nigerian Photographers tend to neglect or lack.

The long awaited training kicked off on Monday, 19TH March, 2012 at eloPhotos office situated in Ikeja. With so much anticipation and determination against all odds, I left the city of Abeokuta and crossed the border of Ogun State to Lagos State to participate in the training. Before now, I knew I wasn’t going to be the only trainee so I was not disappointed when I got there and met other trainees from different parts of the country well sitted at the reception (which was well decorated with frames of creative pictures and a bookshelf stacked neatly with books on photography business and I was like WAOH! This is a serious venture.)

The first day was more of an introductory and interactive class where we got to meet ourselves, share basic life information and ultimately share our passion for photography. Our instructor was not left out as he did the bulk of the talking sharing his different experiences from how he decided to follow his passion (Photography), the need to read books to getting the right mentor for one’s area of specialization in photography. He also stressed the importance of having the right business mindset in photography. Interestingly, every of his words were an eye opener in one way or the other and my passion grew the more for this high calling.

The days following were devoted basically for learning and handling the camera, our “weapon of warfare”. The technicality of the camera was taught & justice was done with regard to different shooting modes, types of lenses, light meter, exposure value compensation, Depth of field, white balance, business photography and so on.

I realized right there that photography and taking pictures was beyond pressing the shutter button. It entails a wide range of things from the technicality of it to creativity, composition, being friendly, honest, & humble with clients. At this junction I began to have a clearer understanding of how the few pictures delivered by some photographers are not WAOH enough while some on the other end are great. It all boils down to having the right composition for your subject and knowing the right settings for different exposures.

It seems the week tends to end faster when you have creative stuffs like this going on for you or maybe its my notion but honestly, friday arrived faster than the speed of light. Another week of training surfaced and was devoted to the DIGITAL DARKROOM. I especially loved the MAGIC that Photoshop was capable of creating. Kudos to the inventor of this software. I mean, I love Photoshop! But like my instructor said “try as much as possible to get the best picture from camera because you will save some time in Photoshop”. I totally agree with that because a bad picture from the camera cannot deliver the best not even after serious editing with the magical Photoshop.

At this point, I cannot but draw attention to the rapid developmental changes occurring in the digital photography industry. There’s still so much to be done in the industry and I sincerely want to be among those that will keep the flag flying. One of the most crucial things I learnt at eloPhotos Academy is the importance of giving your picture a voice of its own.

As we approached the end of the training, it dawned on me how much I was going to miss my colleague photographers who just like myself had sacrificed a lot to attend this training. We were about to go back to our various destinations transformed to becoming greater photographers who will impact the world photographically. I am definitely convinced we will meet at the top where the Kings dine and wine.

In conclusion, I will like to extend my sincere gratitude to the able organizers of this training especially to the CEO of Elophotos Studio for allowing himself to be used by God to pioneer one of the best Photography training Institute in Nigeria, giving room for a person like me to have an in-depth knowledge in the field. My heartfelt gratitude also goes to his beautiful wife and his supermodel daughter Anu , who voluntarily posed for my practice sessions. Much thanks also goes out to other in-house photographers (Afolabi Oloyede & Adetunji Oremosu) who did so well in putting us through whenever we were “stranded” with the camera settings. Love you all and God bless you.

Photographically yours,

Set 10 eloPhotos Academy
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