Lessons learnt at eloPhotos: Afolabi Oloyede

My 9 months apprenticeship recently ended at eloPhotos and the following are a few of the important lessons I’ve learnt.

1- GATHER THE WASTE- It was funny sometime ago when Mr Seun Akisanmi told me to keep some paper that no longer seemed useful. His maxim is “we don’t waste anything here“. Behold, the day finally arrived for the usefulness of the things I thought were wasted. For example, we do our photo printing in-house and order the printing paper from U.S. We never throw away the cartons and boxes used to package the printing paper and atimes I wonder why we keep all the “refuse” in the store. He proved me wrong the day he discovered we could use it for the production of our photo books. Prior to that, I never think twice before disposing anything but my story has changed

2- NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – I heard this word from my boss (Seun Akisanmi) on my first day at eloPhotos Academy. If you really want to motivate him, just tell him that he can’t do something; he gladly prove you wrong. As a student at eloPhotos, he imbibed the same mentality in us: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

3- READING CULTURE – What he detests most is for us to be gisting while there is no work at hand. His advice to us always is to read books from the eloPhotos library instead of gisting.

4- WRITING CULTURE – He encourages us to imbibe the culture of writing. As a good leader, he leads by example. He writes almost everyday. It is never easy but I have to write also.

5- EMPOWERMENT – This is not to hype my boss but I can bet my all that 90% of elophotos student can testify to it. I don’t regret each day of the 9 months that I spent at eloPhotos.

Afolabi Oloyede
Plan to attend the next session of Basic Course in Photography
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