The Proposed Shutdown of Alaba International Market

On our way to covering an event, I saw a troop of people with protest banners but i didn’t know who they were until the bus I was in got closer to them. I saw one of the banner with ‘SAY NO TO PIRACY’ inscribed on it. Immediately I told my colleagues that we needed to capture this moment. Fortunately, I was the one beside the car window and had the clearest view. I opened my bag and set up my trigger swiftly because the bus was still in motion.

As a photographer, there was no good excuse for me to have missed a moment like that especially when I had a camera with me. The following pictures were the best I could come up with in the span of 30 seconds that our bus passed by. Let’s see how the proposed “shot down” goes.

Pictures & writeup by Afolabi Oloyede
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