The day Wiz Kid made me cry

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It happened on March 10, 2012. The job that inspired “A good reason to give an 80% discount” was finally happening. It was a family fun fair gathering of parents, teachers & students. At about 12:55pm, the MC (who coincidentally happens to be the president of the Parents Teachers’ Organization) shouted with extreme excitement on the microphone: “Boys & Girls, please welcome a Nigerian celebrity & superstar……WIZ KID”. Suddenly the students started screaming (in excitement) while heading with haste towards the main entrance of the school.

As if each student was bent on being the first to touch Wiz Kid (sometimes, I’m not sure if its spelt WizKid, Wiz Kid, Whiz Kid or Whizkid) you should have seen the desperation in their eyes. What surprised me more was the fact that the parents were even more excited than their children. With the students in the lead, the parents were not too far behind. They were running, screaming, shouting, & laughing SIMULTANEOUSLY. You would have thought Michael Jackson was the celebrity they were about to welcome.

It was at that very moment that my eyes began to leak water. No, my tear glands were not malfunctioning; I was just overwhelmed and SAD. As I watched the crowd hurry to the school entrance, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Watching the sea of heads, I was reminded of the inevitable day that my name will be mentioned in a roll call in heaven either by an archAngel or our Lord Jesus. The question that rushed through my big head was this: Will the host of heaven, along with Jesus, celebrate & welcome me with so much excitement and pride? Will Jesus announce to the hearing of all present that “THIS IS MY BELOVED SON IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED“…. The tears kept rolling because I wasn’t sure of the answer to the question.

My eyes almost met with one of our photographers but I quickly ducked my head. I couldn’t afford to be “seen” crying. Throughout the 20-minute stay of the earthly celebrity (12 minutes of which was used to mime 3 of his songs from his album), the question kept ringing in my head. Regardless of whether or not he collected any compensation for the 12-minute performance, I pondered whether I would be compensated with so much heavenly value for my 33+ years on earth. It got me thinking and I started crying.

God, help me. God of heavens, PLEASE HELP ME.
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