Need a Husband or Wife?

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So I was going on a stroll the other day with my 3.75 year old daughter when I suddenly realized that my neighborhood was filled with interesting & subtle advertisements people almost never notice. I was especially drawn to one that procured a “matchmaking” solution to those in dire need of a husband or wife. I decided to help them further propagate their gospel.

I hurried back to my office to grab my Olympus E3 camera with the 12-60mm lens & in 30mins I was through with the documentation of the pictures/advertisement that you’re admiring below. I thought it would be interesting if I were to be the official photographer of the wedding of the couple that meet themselves as a result of this matchmaker’s advertisement.

Don’t hesitate to holla at me if any of them prove to be authentic. Heck, I’ll gladly & wholeheartedly give you a 1.5% discount of your next photography business with us. Hurry, get your phones out and start calling the advertisers’ numbers. For those outside Nigeria, you might want to add the country prefix of 234 before the numbers. Wish you the best

N.B. No compensation has been made to me for this 2nd level of advertisement. Contact the solution providers at your own risk.
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