The reason I CHARGED my wife

So it happened that my wife was invited for a breakfast interview by some producers at Kingdom Africa. They interview successful entrepreneurs that are role-models in the society. She’s the chief creative artist (CCA) at They asked her to bring a few pictures of faces she has “made up”. This is where I came into the picture.

She asked me to help her burn some of the pictures (attached herein with this writeup) on a cd so she could submit it. I gave her a bill of 62 cents (N100) and she blurted out “How dare you charge your wife”. I explained to her that the cd I was using for her needed to be accounted for on my income statement and that being my “wife” was not an excuse not to pay for a product. Besides, businesses prosper when friends & family pay for the services rendered to them. She was surprised but not shocked. She later asked me to make another copy because she made a mistake in one of the pictures and I told her that her total “charge” was now $1. She smiled.

For me business is business. I didn’t even charge her for the service rendered: the act of burning the pictures. I only charged for the cd. Come to think of it, I need to charge her for this advertisement of her works because you’re likely to hire her for your makeup needs after viewing the following pictures and visiting her website at

So can you please be the judge of this matter: was I wrong to have charged my wife $1?
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  1. Anonymous · March 23, 2012

    I have to start charging my boyfriend…thanks for the heads up


  2. oneheart4all · March 23, 2012

    Well there was nothing wrong for the purpose of accounts and record and especially if you had been operating that way from the onset in your marriage.

    You didn’t charge for work done which if she done at a business centre would have been charged.

    But like I would, do would return it to her from overall proceeds after all both of you do spend the proceeds.


  3. olu · March 23, 2012

    The truth is dt I’m always looking forward 2 ur write ups cos I always learn one thing or the other each time I read them. Well, as per charging ur wife, I feel it ok cos biz is biz lik u said earlier. I rmbr wen I was younger,(Uni days) whenever we take anytin frm my mum’s shop, we pay. This isn’t bcos she can’t give us but she only makes to see a point wh is prudency wt our pocket money n also 2 know dt biz is diff from when she decides 2 give n bside, d acct need 2 balance while stock wil be replaced.


  4. best oseghale · March 23, 2012

    Charging ur wife was absolutely the right thing to do, it’s not all about the money but it’s strictly business.


  5. Anonymous · March 24, 2012

    Its good to charge her so that her battery will not run low!!!


  6. Anonymous · March 25, 2012

    Just consider it as two companies doing business together. Although businesses do offer ‘promotional’/corporate gifts to individuals and/or companies they do business with.


  7. Anonymous · March 26, 2012

    On point……one of the major challenges in business is getting family and friends to pay when they have to use your services but it is not impossible if one works at it.


  8. godson nwosu · May 28, 2012

    you are absolutely right bro, atleast, so that buiz will grow


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