30 Great Lessons from ANUOLUWAPO: Lesson 2

Lesson 2:………………..ok I must admit that I’m a little blank here as to what this lesson ought to be. Here’s where you help out a brother in need: suggest a title. All I know was she was making some beautiful music that will make any father (earthly or heavenly) smile. Enjoy

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Similarities between Myself & AISL students

American International School Lagos had their annual fun fair this last saturday March 10, 2012. I was there to take pictures as a backup photographer with Elophotos, my elder in the industry. Before now I used to think I was 60per cent pako & 40 percent but-tush. Well I was in for a surprise when I found out I had similarities with kids I considered 100 per cent but-tush. (•͡.̮ •͡ )

Wizkid! Wizkid!! Wizkid!!! Those were shouts from the kids the moment it was announced that the celebrity artiste of the day had arrived. Well I didnt shout like they did; its just that I couldn’t request for an autograph & no pictures for me with the stars (Banky W & Wizkid) as it was my duty to take pictures of the day’s event. 😦

“Sing pakurumo! Sing pakurumo!! They shouted at Wizkid, imagine my surprise to think that children of this calibre could even pronounce d word “pakurumo” not to talk of the fuji dance steps they added to spice up the moment. Well I sang along too but not without my camera, I just couldnt dance like they did. Who says “pakurumo ko joo dada” is razz?? Winks

Running around without shoes: A little while after the fun day took off, there were kids running around barefooted (not just Nigerians, even including “white” kids). Really!!! That was the expression on my face I would never have thought such kids would run around without shoes. Well I did pull-off my jelly sandals as I also got tired of wearing them at a point. Nobody looked at me as if it was weird because if American International School Students could do it, then I could. 🙂

Posing for pictures in the Limo: As part of the fun fair a parent loaned the school a Hummer Limousine for the day. Jeeeeeez!!! Everyone including parents wanted to catch a glimpse. They all took turns posing & taking pictures in the Limo. Well just like Wizkid sang “Dont Dull” guess what I didn’t, I took pictures posing in the Limousine. If they could do it, who says I cant. Abegi snap my picture joor. 🙂

Enough said. I had fun knowing that I had so many things in common with a class of people I though I wasn’t in their class.

Abiola Oladeinde
Lgld Belle Photographie

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It was a great experience for me on the 10th of March 2012 @ American Int’l school. I was meant to assist a friend to cover a wedding but I turned it down to grab the other opportunity. The first reason being the fact that children photography is my specialty and passion. Secondly, it is a privelege for me to be part of elophotos crew that will cover the event.

What a memorable event! Maybe because I wasn’t privileged to attend such a school in my younger days.

I learnt two lesson from two differnt parents at the event.
The first encounter was at the playing ground section of the fun fair. It was an Indian girl who was climbing the “mountain”. I heard her sreaming “daddy! daddy! I can’t make it further again”. She was looking down at her dad and I could see fear all over her face. The lesson of this story is the response of her father gave. He said, “no matter the difficulty you encounter when climbing a mountain, keep looking up….To make it to the top, you need to keep on looking up not down”.
The word sank into my heart and gave me an insight to ponder on. In the conclusion of the story, the little girl didn’t get to the peak of the mountain but she still made double advancement compared to where she wanted to stop earlier.

The second lesson happened at the exhibition stand where my boss (Mr Seun Akisanmi) was printing pictures for the parents of the children. A woman came there to print some pictures for her child that were snapped in the ‘Hummer stretch limousine’. While waiting for the pictures to come out, her daughter walked up to her and was pointing at something else she wanted mummy to buy for her. The mum understood her her body language and she frowned at her saying “you don’t buy things because you have money but you buy things only when you need them”.

The event is over but the two advice these parents gave their daughters still keep ringing in my heart. My conclusion was that if I wanted to sustain the riches that are about to manifest in my life, I must have the mentality of the “rich”. Selah

By Afolabi Oloyede,
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