Lionel Messi: An Inspiration

I’m not a football fan but thought this would be inspiring to anyone in any profession. Got it from one on my BB contacts. Enjoy

Lionel Messi is a delight to watch playing football. Messi plays for Barcelona FC. He is a three-time Fifa World Player of the Year. Five days ago, he scored five times (a Champions League record and also a personal record). Yesterday he scored another two goals. Messi scored 53 goals in 55 matches for his club last season. He already has 50 in 43 matches so far this campaign. Many people believe he is one of the greatest football players the world has even seen.

But Messi has not always been successful.
At age ten , Messi faced a major threat to his future footballing career- a growth hormone deficiency. This would limit his ability to cope with the physical demands of football.

Messi needed growth hormones or he would have stopped growing at 4ft 7in. His father’s health insurance was limited and couldn’t cover the expensive treatment.

The story changed when Barcelona offered to pay for the hormone treatment in return for Messi signing for them aged just 13. Today, Messi is scoring, Barca is winning and both Messi and Barca are happy and successful.
Few lessons.

1. Employers need to see the gold in their staff. In that physically- retarded boy with health challenges was a star of the future. Invest in your staff

2. Your health challenge could seem to be a huge problem, but help is on its way.

3. Nothing limits you. Till date, Messi is relatively smaller than his mates, could be weak but he is still playing excellent footbal. You have no excuse

4. God compensates for your weaknesses. Messi is short. As a result he has a low center of gravity. This makes it difficult for him to fall down easily. Messi has short legs, but they are fast too

5 Finally, don’t make judgement based on today, consider the future. While Messi was playing as a kid, he looked 2 years younger than his mates. If Barca had judged him based on that, they would have lost gold.

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