How to save 25% off your printing cost

So if you’re a photographer based in Lagos & you print your pictures at 5D Imagery, this is for you. Two days ago, my colleague printed a few 5 by 7 pictures at their ikeja branch for N40 each. Upon arriving at their surulere branch yesterday he discovered that it costs just N30 to print the same pictures. Why the difference in price for the same product? Apparently, there aren’t enough customers patronizing their Surulere branch so they decided to “charge” a lesser fee for printing pictures in order to attract more customers.

Whether or not this is a logical or strategically wise decision, I don’t know. All I know is that if I were printing all my pictures at their Ikeja branch prior to now, I would quickly switch to go to their Surulere branch just so I could save 25% or more on my printing costs. I’m guessing other print sizes will be cheaper too. I just hope the quality of customer service wouldn’t be “cheaper.” Either way, hurry now before they end the promotion as a result of a “leak” in information.

Reporting live from agidingbi, ikeja, this is your faithful photo journalist.
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My Mother Clocks 15

Yes, she really did. My mother was born on february 29, 1952. So technically, she has only witnessed her birthday 15 times. Kindly pause for a moment and give her a “hip hip hip hurray” 15 times. I’m serious.

She’s a jewel. She has made so many investments in my life that I don’t think I’ll be where I am today if not for her. Should we mention the multitude of times she has taken me to different pastors for prayer & deliverance in my younger & troublesome years? Or should we mention how she successfully convinced my dad to send abroad for my university education? Or should we mention how she visited me in the USA during the christmas of 1998 and bought me my best christmas gift till date: a samsung film camera.

She’s been a blessing. And I use this medium to celebrate her at 15. Thanks for investing the film camera. The photography industry will forever be grateful to you.
Attached are a few of the pictures I took at the celebration. Try not to smile too much at my early days: I’m still innocent & cute 🙂

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