A Photographer’s Computer

So I just got a Hp laptop for our office. We needed a fast processing system that could help with the video editing we’ve been doing. Up until now, we’ve been using a colleague’s system whose specifications could handle hd video editing. It was also a coincidence that the topic we discussed yesterday with the present weekend set of BCP (Basic Course in Photography) was the Digital Darkroom, with emphasis on the ideal minimum components of a photographer’s computer. So I decided it will be nice to share with anyone considering getting a system for their photography business.

The following are the 3 major specifications to look out for when purchasing a computer system:
1) Processor Speed. Its ideal to get at least a Pentium 4 processor. Nowadays, we have faster processors like Dual Core, i3, i5 & i7 with i7 being the most expensive and fastest processor I’m aware of. The faster your processor, the more likely you’ll be saving some time while in your “Digital Darkroom”. The processor on the system I got is i5. Good enough for me

2) RAM. Also referred to as temporary memory, it is usually measured in GB. Ideally, you should aim to get a system with a minimum of 2GB memory. The more the pictures you want to be editing in Photoshop, the larger your RAM ought to be especially if you dont want to be waiting a few seconds before your system responds to an action. The memory on our new system is 6GB. I was aiming for 8GB but I can live with 6GB for now.

3) Hard disk space. Although its very possible to work entirely with an external harddisk, an internal hard disk with a minimum of 100GB is ok to start with. The more space you have for storing your data on the system the better for you, as long as you remember to BACKUP YOUR DATA. The hard disk space on the new system is 750GB.

So that’s just my opinion of 3 of the important specifications to lookout for in a system. It also helps to make sure you’re getting a new system (especially when it comes to laptops because they’re more delicate and fragile than desktops) so as to take advantage of the warranty options. Hp has been known to deal with systems under warranty to the customer’s satisfaction. That’s one other reason I eventually settled for them for our second laptop in 5 years.

One other reason I settled for a laptop instead of a desktop was because of the option to get extra laptop batteries that could give me up to 6 hours of work without external power. With that, I have a quieter option to fueling and using my generator. Just search on amazon.com for a 9cell or 12cell battery for your laptop brand/model.

It’s your call. Choose wisely

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  1. Mide · August 31, 2015

    Thanks a lot, that’s educative!


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