FINALLY, Photography training for Dsap Set 7 comes to an end

So for the past 9 weekdays, we’ve been busy training a class of 67 students that decided they wanted to be professional photographers. Together with Mr Leke Adenuga (QF), we were able to teach what we felt would be enough for a good foundation in photography business.

Daystar Christian Centre started this project in 2010 in an attempt to reduce unemployment in the society by teaching people “how to fish” instead of giving them “fish.” For Mr Leke & I, this was an opportunity to impart on the next generation of photographers in Nigeria. I can only hope & pray the students would make good use of the opportunity they were blessed with. Time will tell.

Attached are a few of the pictures taken we were in class. I’ll really appreciate it if you just acknowledge how handsome I look in the pictures 🙂

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One comment

  1. george · March 2, 2012

    I think its a priviledge for me to have learned from these two great minds, Seun Akisanmi(elophotos) and Leke Adenuga(QF). Just in nine days i got the very best of foundational training on photography, which has really made me see photograhpy from a whole new perspective…photography is an art. There’s a whole new education behind just the camera, …like mastering light, setting your apperture, shutter time and understanding your ISO, yes! through DSAP (Daysta christian centre) i was able to connect to these duo, and im looking forward to working full time with them!!
    thanks to you both..


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