Meeting L.A.

I met her last week after teaching at the skill acquisition program organized by Daystar Christian Centre. She is one of eloPhotos’ biggest fan and we were finally meeting face to face.

Beautiful & fair in complexion, I wondered why she wasn’t a makeup artist or fashion designer. Instead she was bent on pursuing a career in photography. We had barely chatted for 5mins when I sensed that she was really hungry and passionate for this dream she was about to pursue. I love meeting people that are this hungry. I enjoy being a part of their story.

Although the meeting lasted for just 10 minutes, I was convinced on embarking on some photography projects with such a hungry soul. Although she might not be in the country for over 2yrs (due to the photography degree she wants to pursue abroad), I’m sure she’ll make an impact whenever she returns. Although there’s no logical reason for writing about someone I barely know, I sense that photography in Nigeria will not be the same because of her.

I hope I’m not wrong. I hope I’m not exaggerating. But most importantly I hope my meeting with L.A. gave her enough reasons (despite the loss of a loved one) not to let go of her photography dream.

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