Minutes of “Take your photography business to the next level”

Feb 16, 2012

Professional Photographers were admonished:

 To Be firm in their dealings with clients

 To try not to engage in agreements unless 80% of the fees have been deposited

 To Be professional in their dealings with wedding clients and should strive not only to collect 100% of their fees upfront but to also deliver on the jobs on or before the date promised.

 To clarify all terms and conditions in discussion with the client, and where feasible; preferably face-to-face and not only through phone calls

 To make clear (especially on their invoices) details of discounts being given their client

Mr Seun further emphasized other issues including procrastination and the ethics of borrowing equipment from colleagues. He stressed that getting jobs whose net value are able to purchase a camera should rather be the goal of the photographer. This is where he also made distinctions on when and where some jobs should be turned down and that photographers must have standard packages with a pricing structure that is clear and unambiguous.

A website presence and its value was further elaborated upon and every photographer advised to maintain one where clients can view their portfolio, read terms and conditions, their different packages available and associated charges as well as discount options.

The issue of copyright laws was discussed to the effect that with the use of clients pictures for marketing purposes in formats such as online; documented detailing of agreements must be involved so that neither party can jeopardize the others’ interest either in the present or in the future. In regard to copyright infringements by the public, he put it that watermarking a photographers publicly viewable digital images and not emailing a previous clients pictures to potential new clients to view are best practices to be considered.

Attendees of the workshop also related their recent experiences with clients for the benefit of group discussions.

Shola Animashaun noted that twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you show your expression. Twitter has 300 million users with over 100,000 new users joining everyday.

– Tweet regularly: tweet photography knowledge, quotes. Re-twit regularly suggestion to any contribution can determine some people to follow you on twitter. It is cool to start and contribute to conversation.

– Credit everything
– Engage with the big boys
-Watch your timing and consistency
-Use strategic Key words
-Practice reposting tweets
-Build relationship with potential and existing clients
-Discuss photography issues, follow fellow photographers i.e Zack Arias
Chase Jarvis
Joe Mcnally
Scott kelby
Scott bourne
Thomas Hawk
Jeremy Cowart
Jasmine Star
Micheal Zelbel

Mr Seun took over after Mr Shola ended his session. He stressed the importance of being people of integrity at all times. One of attendees stressed the importance of being careful when partnering with other photographers. Mr Seun added that agreements should be made (sometimes in writing) even when partnering ith photographers you have never worked with before. for daily photography-related tips and articles, visit http://www.elophotos.com

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