Shattered Glass

It was Day 2 of lectures at eloPhotos Academy. Break time was just over. She reached out to carry her camera bag only to discover that the bag was not closed well. It was too late. The canon t3i & sigma 24-70mm combo fell out. We all heard the shattering of glass. She was heartbroken. Her “humty-dumty” sweetheart just fell off the wall and something was definitely broken.

She was scared. She peeped to see what had happened. The broken glass surrounded her lens. “For God’s sake the lens is less than 6months old,” she thought. Picking up the camera, she could still hear a few glasses falling from the lens. It was heartbreaking.

A ray of hope was rekindled within her when she discovered the broken glass was from her lens filter. She gave thanks to her heavenly father. “Thank God it’s just a $5 filter,” she thought.

I asked if I could take a picture of the broken lens filter. I was denied permission. I would later grab it from the trash bin to photograph so you could learn 3 things from her experience:
1) Insure your photography equipement
2) Handle your camera bag & equipment with care
3) Always use a lens filter

Her name is MLK and her journey into professional photography has begun.

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A Session with Omobolanle

The l last time I had a shoot with Omobolanle was Feb 14, 2009. She’s one of my mentors when it comes to “the art of writing.” We decided it was time to do another shoot. Interesting enough, this session would not be like the first one.

She was not in a very “happy” mood when we started. There were quite a number of things on her mind. What complicated matters was the fact that I had 2 assisstants with me in the studio during the session: that made her a little uncomfortable. She began to relax once they were no longer in sight.

After listening to her pour out her heart during the session, I realized that she’s a very strong woman at heart. She was talking, I was shooting and the atmosphere was getting less tense. It isn’t all the time one ends up with pictures of people laughing and smiling from the depths of their heart but I thought the pictures that came out of the session were……..EMOTIONAL. You be the judge & let me know what you think

For tips on growing your photography business, like our fecebook page ( or add us on ur bb: 271E3BC8