A pregnancy photographer is in town….


I have been there before, my body would like to run the next time but my soul wont give way…. why wont the body run???? the throwing ups, hospital admission, stress, weight gain, beautiful stretch marks and oh ‘THE ALMIGHTY FINANCE’ i bet its killing. out of the thousand women i know only the ones yet to go through this phase feel its not that difficult making me never forget the tale of Experience being the best teacher. Smile…

The 9months in 3Stages is called Trimester

1st Trimester 1-13weeks

The huge 1st trimester for my pregnancy was something else… came with full force of negativity, like i had it twice(due to miscarriage) fatigue and morning sickness due to increase of hormones produced by the embryo. i couldn’t stand any scent, not even the smell of toothpaste. My best food changed to songs of praise since i couldn’t keep any food…

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