Have You Photographed Any Popular Person?

That was the question asked by one of the children I teach in church. Some were a little repulsed to hear that I am a photographer. Most of them want to become doctors, lawyers and engineers. Photography, to them, fell within the profession of barbers, hairstylists & mechanics who were considered to be “poor”. They even made it a prayer request that “I will never become a photographer in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

I attempted (and hopefully succeeded) in explaining to them why photography, like any other great profession, is a noble one and that one could become a millionaire as a photographer. Most of them doubted me & laughed at me…..and that’s when a 9-yr old girl popped the question: “So have you ever photographed any popular person?”
I paused and thought within. I was almost in Jesus’ shoes when tricky questions like these were hurled at Him.

I explained to the girl that being popular is an objective opinion. By “popular” I reckoned she was referring to the known celebrities in town. Also, the fact that someone is popular does not mean they are willing to pay your photography bill. Interestingly, some celebrities in this part of the world usually want “free” photography because of their celebrity status. They argue that it is a priviledge for you (I.e. the upcoming or established photographer) to be photographing them. They argue that they are helping your career by giving you such an opportunity. May God help them.

I remember an example Kelechi Amadi-Obi (www.kelechiamadiobi.com) once gave about a celebrity artist he once encountered. The gentleman walked into Kelechi’s office and requested for a photo session. To his dismay, he was shocked that Kelechi would dare charge him for the session. The following “brief” discussion ensued.

Artist: Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know it is a priviledge for you to photograph me?
Kelechi: (showing him the door), I’ll appreciate it if you kindly leave my office. It’s obvious you’ve come to the wrong studio

Anyway, I concluded my response (to the girl that quizzed me) by telling her that my strategy was to raise an army of photographers that will photograph popular people. I am yet to take pictures of POPULAR people but will be fulfilled knowing that someone I mentored is taking those pictures. Enough said, I proceeded to teach the main curicullum for the the sunday school class & hoped that one day I would be given the priviledge to photograph a popular person (in exhange for CASH).

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