My Meeting With Aisha Augie-Kuta

I finally met her in person. She’s one of the photographers that made me almost ashamed of the quality of photography I bring to the table: I’m always inspired when I see her work.

She picked me up at about 12noon on January 18. It was as if she was the one about to interview me. She was so excited about finally meeting the person she had only seen on youtube. I like the fact that despite the fame she has achieved in recent years (in photography), she remains humble at heart. I was even more nervous when she introduced me to her colleagues as her BOSS. Now that was a good joke.

She drove me to her studio in Maitama District and 2hrs+ later, I was thanking God for the meeting. Although the interview was meant to reveal to the world more about who she is as a photographerr (& her journey thus far), I felt that I just attended a workshop on “LIFE & PHOTOGRAPHY”

If there’s one thing I learnt, it’s that I should be a humble & teachable person regardless of how many awards or accolades I might accumulate. Thanks again for your time, Aisha.

We’ll keep you posted once the interview/video is available for viewing.

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