The Cabal, My Clients

So I’m in Abuja meeting with a client that needs some of my photography services. He’s on the phone discussing with his wife who isn’t in the country. I heard him say “Don’t mind him (the President i.e.), he has reduced the price from N141 to N97…at least N43 billion will get to me.”

It was his last phrase that caught my attention. Could it be possible that my client was one of the “Cabals” that had benefited from the oil subsidy saga. Maybe I heard wrong. Perhaps I heard wrong. N43 BILLION!!!!!! WOW! And then it occured to me that types of client I actually dream of catering for are people in this category.

Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t support the corruption that has affected our system. Or do I? I don’t know. I mean, the people that can easily pay my “dream” bills might include those that have 10 cars, 5 jets, 4 houses, sorry, Mansions (spread across the globe), & N1 million lunch allowances.

But not all of them are thieves. Or are they? What if our “sympathetic” President Goodluck Jonathan gives me a call and asks for my services. Should I give a testimony in church for the “promotion” or should I turn him down because he is such a …………………….(Fill in the blanks). I’m not sure what I’ll do. Just thinking out aloud. What will you do if you were in my shoes? ….Because I think I just met one of the “cabals” I had been praying that God should touch their hearts.

How can I impact my world with this photography business of mine while fighting the good fight of faith between my values and my immediate (or future) needs? Just thinking out aloud. May God help my soul. May God help us all


  1. kenny Adewara · January 17, 2012

    For having to reconsider it in the first place, means you have a high sense of your values. This is professionalism, just send the man to hell with your bill.


    • NA · January 28, 2012

      That’s right!!


  2. Spirit · January 17, 2012

    Now that is a new one, blame it on mediocre mindset, but I have never thought of it. If I find myself in that situation, I am providing a service and I am entitled to get paid (honest pay for a honest job). The grey areas arise from what you overheard, if you didn’t, maybe you would not have this conflict of interest. A hard decision no less. Values entrenched beforehand is the answer to such, now I have to think well about my response if/when I find myself in such a position.


  3. NA · January 28, 2012

    You are offering a service and he is willing to pay for your service, shikena!!! Even if you decide you can’t deal with your conscience due to what you overheard; another Photographer will gladly take it not to thinking twice let alone ask public’s opinion. You go Elo, do you jooor!!!


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