eloPhotos, Google & the future of Photography in Nigeria

Had a 5 hour session with a staff of Google Nigeria yesterday. I left their ikoyi office with an idea of how to cut our budgeted expenses for this year by over N10million. Wow, the power of information.

It was a short course on how to use Youtube and Google+ to take one’s business to the next level. If only you know the goodies Google is planning for Nigeria this year…..if only you know. Let’s just say we’ll see the results of the workshop in less than 3 months.

Wow, I’m excited. eloPhotos & Google…..taking Photography to the next level in Nigeria. Don’t say I didn’t warn you; considered yourself warned.

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I remember d first time I heard her voice
Twas the month of May
She called to inquire about her future with Photography
And left me with the desire to get my personal BlackBerry
Her questions were interesting:
“Are u sure u can teach me photography in 8 days?”
“Do you have a babysitter that can take care of my child during class?”
“How many installments can I make to settle the fees?”
The more she hurled more questions my way,
The more I doubted her seriousness about her “dream” profession
About 8 weeks went by
Until I came across her missed call
Apparently this lady was serious
She was calling to join the class that had already started
She was calling to ask for the account number to make payment
She was serious & that got me curious
I mean, she gave up her banking career
Because it took too much of her time
Transferred into the law industry
Though she was told there was “no money” there
And now she’s retiring into the world of Photography
I mean, what does this lady really want
She seemed serious & that got me curious
Well, her reasons will be OK by me
As long as she paid the school fees for her new dream
And then I finally met her
Or was it she that met me
Either way, we met
And it was in the middle of one of my photography class
I mean, why do these angels decide to always show up
whenever I need to concentrate the most
They decide to show up and it distracts me
Oh I was distracted quite all right
Thank God she sat in d class with her side facing the teacher: ME
Else my weakness would have been revealed:
The fact that I could not look straight into the eyes
of a beautiful woman for 5 good seconds.
I was distracted.
I was shy
I’m still shy
But I was impressed at her pace of learning
I mean, I had taught ladies photography before
& most of the time, I’ll have to teach a topic at least twice before it was understood
But not so with her
Twas as if she was the granddaughter of Albert Einstein.
She was intelligent
She is intelligent
And by the end of class she had taken enough pictures
to make you doubt the fact that she was an amateur
She was good
I mean very good
The type of “good” that could threaten TY Bello’s career in a few years
She was good
She is good
And very ambitious too
Truth be told: Ambition is her middle name
I mean, how many people will fix a date
For their photography exhibition while they are still undergoing training
How many people will join an international photography club
just so they could be eligible for an international photo contest
When they’ve not taken any contest-worthy picture
You guessed right: one person
At least she’s the only one that I’ve met
That’s like 1 person in every 200 photographers
She’s ambitious
Ambitious with a touch of Effizy (hope my spelling is right)
That is why I refer to her as
Her Royal “Effiziness”
She aims for the best
I had to convince her that she really did not need d top of d line canon camera
before she could get top of the line results
That she didn’t have to get 3 expensive studio lights before she could get expensive photographic results
She had big dreams
She has big dreams
And it was d way she went about her photography
That made me convinced about her level of seriousness
It dawned on me that this was a great opportunity
The opportunity of a lifetime
An opportunity to become the main photographer
that “groomed” the next Kelechi Amadi-obi, sorry, I mean d next TY Bello
So I made sure I gave my best to help her out
Beyond the 120k school fees she paid me,
I went above & beyond
And in the process of being her mentor
I became her protege
She began to inspire me
She continues to inspire me
Her commitment, her hardwork, her resilience, her persistence
I began to learn from her
If more entrepreneurs practiced all these,
Nigeria will have bigger & more successful businesses
So this is dedicated
To the protege that has become my mentor
To the student that has become my teacher
To the acquaintance that has become my friend
All within 7 weeks
To the one who has longed for a “poem” about her
This is the best I could do
This is dedicated to
Her Royal Effiziness