WANTED URGENTLY: A Videographer with Integrity

I’m on the verge of giving up on finding a videographer with integrity. This advert/notice serves as my final frantic effort in my search.

In the past 4 years, I’ve worked with over 4 videographers. The relationship usually ended when the videographer always seems to have a good excuse why he was delivering the DVD 1-4 months after the agreed-upon date of delivery.

In one instance, the videographer told me the reason for his 3 month+ delay was the fact that he just moved office and was busy “settling down.” I wish he had hinted to the fact that his “relocation” will affect the client to that extent. The client would definitely not have hired him.

Another interesting excuse given by another videographer was that his colleague was missing & presumed dead; therefore he couldn’t attend to the client at that moment. 3 months passed and you would think he would have gotten over the missing person so he could deliver the client’s job.

It’s just frustrating. A few minutes ago, I had a client who asked if I could recommend a videographer for her wedding and I had to tell her that it will be better if her close friends & colleagues recommended someone for her and not me.

Are there no more videographers with integrity. Somebody? Anybody? It’s so bad that clients wont even mind hiring a videographer whose job is rated 7 out of 10; as long as he is a man of his words and delivers when he says he will deliver.

Or was it part of their training to make sure clients are disappointed and never return to them? I’m beginning to think so. Somebody should please prove me wrong.

So this is my last clarion call to anybody out there that knows anybody that is a videographer with integrity. You must be able to vouch wholeheartedly for the person. There are hundreds of clients waiting to be satisfied with your services. Somebody help me! Somebody, PLEASE, help me!!!!

But then again, maybe I should consider adding “videography” to the list of services I render my clients. Until then, if you fit the description of “A VIDEOGRAPHER WITH INTEGRITY” you can send your details to seunakisanmi@elophotos.com

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