RE: 12 Nigerian Photographers

How do I start. I’ve gotten very interesting & controversial feedback (including the one in your heart you’re yet to express) from the list of 12 Nigerian Photographers to watch out for in 2012 (CHECK IT OUT). Like I mentioned clearly in the writeup, it is a very biased opinion on my part that is based on reasons that might not be logical to many; they’re not even logical to me.

Although I got “Thank you” messages from the people who made the list, my intention was originally not to encourage or inspire them. Many on the list might not look like anything at this moment but I was taking a big bet (with myself) that they’ll manifest within 12 months. And I didn’t receive any form of compensation for the PR either.

The people who made the list could in many ways be likened to the 12 that made the disciples’ list of Jesus; most were not people who you think should be chosen. Infact I have many photographer friends that can be on such a list. I definitely hope you’re not angry with me for not including you.

In my opinion (there goes Seun again with his opinion), if a photographer looks at the list and murmurs within that he/she is better than some of the names mentioned, that photographer did not deserve to be on the list. As much as many people will disagree, current technical ability was not a mandatory condition for making the list. My very-biased analysis of the photographer’s HEART was a big condition.

To crown it all, it’s not an ALMIGHTY list. In fact if you ask Jesus at the moment to write such a list, none of the names might show up. I would definitely hope that my name would show up if Jesus was the author, but I wouldn’t be upset if it didn’t.

I’ll be more concerned to make sure that my name shows up (& remains) in the BOOK OF LIFE. Just like there’s no guaranty many people’s name will remain in the book of life forever, there’s no assurance these people will still be in the industry come December 2012. The idea is just to watch out for them.

So next time we meet in person or online, please don’t be angry with me for not including your name. I’m just being a politician and it’s just my biased opinion. Better still, for a more comprehensive list of people who I think you should watch out for in 2012, check my Facebook list of friends. Last time I checked it was over 4700 and still counting. So forgive us our trespasses as we forgive………

Please, please, don’t be angry with me. PLEASE

What do you think?

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