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It is with a heavy heart I write this. As at 3am on December 20, I completed the deletion of over 90% of our pictures on Facebook ( and our main site I felt that was the best decision to take at the moment.

I got a call on Dec 19 from a client friend that we covered her wedding 2 years ago. She had just been presented with the maiden version of a new magazine, Wedding Shakara. Her wedding pictures were printed in the magazine and she was calling to find out if I gave them the pictures. Apparently they had downloaded the pictures from our page on facebook where we had it showcased for the bride (with her approval and permission) & her friends to view.

The pictures were used without the permission of the photographer or the client. There has to be a professional law in Magazine Publishing 101 that states the unauthorized use of pictures. Maybe I’m missing something.
The client was shocked; I was disappointed. I was disappointed because this is not the first or second time this has happened in the past few weeks. Just a few days ago we had a potential client visit our office only to be surprised that we were the ones that photographed the much publicized picture of a girl, my 3 year old daughter, fetching water with a waste bin. The client had recently seen the pictures in a newspaper without any photo credits.

It is painful because the unauthorized use of such pictures increases the probability of a client not trusting the photographer; especially if a privacy agreement prohibiting the unauthosized use of such pictures was signed in the first place.

I remember another client that called a few months back to ask if I was the one that gave the Style magazine (This Day Newspapers) her picture for use on an article. She didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t give them the permission to use the picture; especially because the magazine imprinted ‘photo by elophotos’ at the footnote of the picture. I would have thought that a media outfit like This Day/Style Magazine would have sought permission before using such pictures.

But then again, maybe the fault is mine. If the pictures had been watermarked, potential users would have contacted us directly for either purchasing the license for use or getting the appropriate permission for publicity. Even with the concept of water-marking ones pictures, we’ve had our water-marked pictures used on a cd-jacket cover that was used to sell cds.

Perhaps the rules might be different in the journalism world. Perhaps the unwritten rule is that “if the picture is available on the internet, you can download and use to your satisfaction.” Perhaps there are other laws I am unaware of with regard to pictures & copyright. Will somebody please enlighten me on this matter. This Day, Wedding Shakara, anyone….please enlighten me.

I guess I should stick to uploading client pictures to passworded galleries online. That might help curb this a little. Either way, it is to this effect that I had to delete over 90% of our pictures on facebook & (including the photo album of the Superstar, Supermodel ANUOLUWAPO).

I apologize to all our fans that will miss all the pictures. We will attempt to watermark all the important pictures and re-upload them to our website before the end of January 2012. Apparently this is something we ought to have started years ago. Forgive us our trespasses as we continually learn the art of this business.

Although I know that water-marking the pictures still won’t stop those that are bent on using them, it will at least reduce the unauthorized use of such pictures. I just wish there is a way facebook could provide the option of not allowing some pictures to be downloaded. Till they get around to doing that (if they have done that already, please write me and let me know how to activate such features), I’ll stick to water-marking and using sites like or that provide the type of security I need.

If you’re a potential client reading this, please understand that this is the reason you’re not seeing as many sample pictures as will make you convinced we’re capable to meeting your photography needs. Just give us a call & we’ll arrange a meeting for you to be able to view as many works as your time will permit. Either way, our site ( will once again be pictureful before the end of January, 2012.


  1. Anonymous · December 21, 2011

    I saw this happening, but i never knew it going to be this worse,i feel your pain as i am also a photographer i think you should seek legal advice on this matter.


  2. Anonymous · December 21, 2011

    This is sad news. However, the fact that so many of your photos have been stolen from the website just proves that your photos are breathtakingly exquisite.


  3. Anonymous · December 21, 2011

    This is so sad,wish i had d power to sue those magazines and make them pay 4 what they’ve done….Elophotos be encouraged dear we love u.


  4. tola adeyinka · December 21, 2011

    Even the enlightened publishing houses that are supposed to know better are also guilty. My advice is to copyright your images. Warnings should be stated expressly. Very annoying!t


  5. Grace Akalumhe · December 21, 2011

    I seriously advice you seek legal recourse. It’s time Nigerians wake up to our rights and the proper way of doing things. Plagiarism is a crime.


  6. Anonymous · December 21, 2011

    This is good news!
    You should sue!! That way, the industry in Nigeria will learn why the rest of the world honors copyright laws. The same laws do exist, I’m sure, in Nigeria but are not enforced.
    If someone uses a picture of yours for profit without your consent, you should be able to claim.


  7. Doalpo Joshua · December 21, 2011

    I will ask my boss in the law firm office where i work to raise money in order for me to buy my camera…. the will get back to you.



  8. boye · December 21, 2011

    I suggest you sign up to use Creative Commons protection as copyright for your pictures. I am no lawyer but my understanding is invoking a Creative Commons copyright of pictures on your site grants them copy protection all over the world in countries that are signatories to international copy right law, including Nigeria. Commercial outfits that use your pictures without a licence are in breach of copyright laws.


  9. Yemisi · December 22, 2011

    It’s so sad that even publishing houses who are supposed to know better are guilty of this. It also happened to me some few months ago: one of the editors of Vanguard newspaper used my son’s picture and a friend notified me about this,of course I was angry but then due to not knowing what to do I just left the case like that,they actually got the picture from facebook.


  10. Anonymous · December 24, 2011

    hi Seun… sure we ve meet at Akin’s wedding, here is my candid take, the world we are right now has both cons and pros, in everything good/nice /pro comes also the bad side, thats why we have many hackers in the IT world, u cant deny the fact that some or most of your pictures displayed where few or most of yr best jobs and also EYEBALLS (people) needs to see them, appreciate them,learn from them and importantly get more clients from them, so if there are laws against this, trust me there will always be backdoor, here is my suggestion, watermark ur pictures (me sef go start doing it), when saving from photoshop, set image size to very minimal…just like the bb dp size, anyone that gets it downloads get a terrible quality, like l said it doesnt stop them theifs but we get to see the pictures.
    One Love and great job
    -Akinade (ruBi)


    • elophotos · December 24, 2011

      Thanks so much for the advice. Wow, bb dp size is not a bad idea at all. Will definitely begin the watermarking process as I need to upload pictures that shows potential clients that I’m a photographer. Thanks again


  11. Linda Adigun · January 13, 2012

    shaking my head. why would thisday do something as dumb as that? i blame the editor. you should write them. you could have earned a lot from the use of that picture, considering the coverage of their style magazine. go to and see his pricing policies on picture usage.


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