I LOVE Photographing Funerals

Hear me out. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not that I enjoy seeing people bury their loved ones. It’s just that……how do I explain myself without shooting myself in the foot? A few months back, I got a call from my superstar father. Twas one of the few times he was sad on the phone. “Your uncle passed away this morning” he said. I was shocked. Shocked because I called him (my uncle i.e.) a week earlier to say hello. he was 63. There wouldn’t be any wasted time in burrying him. Funeral arrangements were made for two weeks later. There wasn’t a serious budget for photography so I wasn’t contacted to submit a quote. By now everyone in the extended family had known me to be someone who doesn’t offer free photography services to family members; they usually don’t appreciate it. The D day came and I told my dad I would be covering the day in pictures. Although he had gotten someone else, he was grateful I offered. I had my reasons. The major one being the fact that I love photographing funerals. My wife hates the fact that I love it but I just love it. And here’s the reason why: it gets me thinking. I’m thinking of the fact that I would die someday. There you go again rejecting “death” in Jesus name but the truth is we will all die someday. Sometimes I wonder which is better: going at a good old age (defined by many to be 80+ yrs) or going when you’re between 40 & 80. Just thinking out loud. And the fact that it gets me thinking makes me take stock of my life. I’m asking myself “what does it profit a man if he photographs the whole world, gets paid the whole money, drives the best cars, marries the most beautiful girl, buys the most beautiful houses…..& looses his soul”. When my uncle was being “laid to rest” I wondered…..so this it. This is how I will end up one day. His children were in tears, the wife was tearfully praying, the Reverend was preaching and I was thinking. Thinking and photographing. Photographing so the moment will not be forgotten by….. Thinking & Photographing….& then my eyes started leaking. They always start leaking water whenever I see the loved ones of the deceased crying. I’m taking the pictures, I’m thinking & I’m crying. I knew some of the reasons why the wife was crying. And then I thought to myself again….that when I go down 6ft under, & people shed tears for me, it should be because they will be missing a representative of God on planet earth. So I came back from the funeral refreshed like I just got back from a vacation. Refreshed to live a life that will be worth crying for when it is no more. It doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t charge you my standard fee if you need my services. Its just that I love photographing funerals because it gets me thinking…..thinking of life beyond the grave