Can I Have Your Complimentary Card?

So it happened after attending the opening day of the British Council-organized exhibition at Expo Hall, Eko Hotel on December 5. I just left the venue and was going to the nearest bus stop to get a ride home. Suddenly, a blue Honda Accord car pulled up beside me and the driver, a lady in her late thirties, yelled “I KNOW YOU FROM DAYSTAR, CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CARD?” I was first taken aback because I had never met her before. Instinctively I reached out for my card in my shirt pocket and handed it to her. I didn’t even get her name. The whole drama was over in about 10 seconds. As she drove off, I thought to myself “what if I didn’t have my complimentary card on me?” I was actually very lucky in this scenario as I don’t ALWAYS go out with my wallet where I keep my cards. It is something I’m working on. It is something we should all work on. I could have missed a big opportunity to get a job. Although she hasn’t hired me yet, I’m very optimistic. Lesson to be learnt: always have your complimentary card on you. ALWAYS. You never know who may ask for it.