Solving the Rubik’s 4×4 cube in less than 6 mins: The Return of the Superstar

Finally, she’s BACK. After a few months of vacation from all the attention of fans, the Superstar Supermodel Anuoluwapo returns with new tricks up her sleaves. Try solving the Rubik’s 4×4 cube in less than 6 minutes and you’re either a geeky genius or the grandchild of Albert Einstein. Well, stay tuned for the next couple of weeks and you’ll learn lessons you wished they had taught you in Harvard or in life. She’s taught me a few lessons myself so I know better. For previous highly intellectual acts of the Superstar you can visit our page on facebook to be amazed (!/media/set/?set=a.122880260231.215827.49785385231&type=3). Her photographic superstar journey began almost four years ago in the delivery room & she’s been amazing ever since. Pictures taken with Olympus e300 & Bowens Gemini 500 light kit. The photoshoot was over in 6 minutes. Enough said, try solving the cube yourself and you’ll have another definition of what many earthly citizens consider IMPOSSIBLE. But with God, nothing shall be ………….


  1. Bolanle Fasokun · November 30, 2011



  2. eofure · November 30, 2011

    That’s my girl!


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