“Daddy, where’s your daddy’s car?”

Those where the words that tingled in my ears at about 3:35pm November 23, 2011. They were uttered by my 3.5yr-old princess, Anuoluwapo. Talk of the question of the year. Why did she ask the question? I thought you would never ask. You see, I had recently gotten temporary custody of a toyota avensis that belongs to my father and was given to me (on November 20) so I could help him take it to a mechanic’s workshop for repairs. After I got it back from the workshop on November 22, I decided to surprise my daughter by picking her up from school with the car. Before now I use the public transportation system to get her to & from school, an ordeal she does not fancy. So I wasn’t too surprised when she was surprised when I asked her to enter the car. “Daddy, is this your car?” she asked. I explained that it belongs to my dad. She was excited at the fact that she gets to go home in an air-conditioned car. The next morning, November 23, I decided to drop her at school. Unknown to her, my dad came to pick up the car around 1pm. It was time for me to pick her from school and I boarded my usual bike to her school. Upon getting there, I met a tired and exhausted Anuoluwapo expecting to be whisked off in the same air-conditioned comfortable leather-seats car that dropped her earlier in the day. It wasn’t until we were midway into our journey back home that it dawned on her that the car was no more. “Daddy, where is your daddy’s car?” I replied that I had returned it back to dad. “Daddy took your car?” She quizzed further. “No, its not my car; it’s my dad’s car”. At that point I understood the words that she was not saying. I knelt down to her level and promised her with a confidence that I didn’t know that I had within; “I will soon buy a car & will be taking you to & from school with it”. I then proceeded to be her “car” for the afternoon; I carried her on my shoulders till we got home. At that point I made a fresh vow with myself to be conscious of taking more seriously the business of my photography. This photography should be able to feed, clothe & transport my family very comfortably. I promise to work hard towards the achievement of that car because when my Anuoluwapo is happy, I am happy