Pick up that FROG

The unique day had finally arrived: 11-11-11. I was waiting at the abuja local airport lounge for my recently-delayed Aero flight back to Lagos. I had just met an intelligent I.T. lady by the name Chenemi (it means GOD IS MINE). Along came a frog and stood right in front of my seat as if trying to admire my handsomeness (hope there’s such a word) or Chenemi’s beauty. “Gross”, “Eeew”, “Nasty” were the expressions it quickly solicited from passengers around me. Without thinking, Chenemi quickly raised her legs while simultaneously muttering the word “Gross”. I think the frog was still in its “toddler” years because it seemed quite small to me; only about 3-4 inches while outstretched in the jumping position. Unknown to Chenemi, the frog had actually visited my presence 10mins earlier. It was kicked to another area of the lounge by a middle-aged reverend sitting right across me. Unlike a dove that almost never revisit the spot in which it experienced a form of hostility, this frog was bent on proving a point. Without giving it much thought, I quickly reached out for the frog with my bare hands (am I courageous or what) and grabbed a piece of paper from my pocket and proceeded to dispose of the frog. I don’t believe I was cruel to the frog; I just felt it didn’t belong in that particular gathering of humans. The best place I could find to dispose the frog was a nearby enclosed dustbin. By the way, I washed my hands immediately after relocating the frog; I didn’t want to shake my new friend, Chenemi, goodbye with a “froggy” hand. I got back to my sit and suddenly became hero to the few people around me that witnessed my heroic deed. I was reminded of that scene in Captain America when a grenade was “activated” and Captain America quickly dived to “relocate” the grenade so that it would not harm his fellow comrades. Now that was a real soldier. Don’t know if I can be that heroic though. Either way, I became a hero that just saved the emotional (and maybe physical) lives of those around me. A nursing mother sitting beside me quickly muttered “You’re quite brave”. I smiled and told her that I was used to resolving issues that people around me refuse to resolve. This was no different. Come to think of it, that would have been a perfect moment to ask Chenemi out on a date. I’m sure there was a 90% chance that she will not turn down the request of this new-found hero with “husband” potentials. But I was already married to the love of my life and that wasn’t an option. Just thinking though. It occurred to me at that moment that a lot of us have grossy, eeewy & nasty issues & problems hanging around us. We complain about the problem and wait & pray for a hero that will come resolve them. In most cases, we are the answer to the problem. We can pick up the frogs, dispose of them “properly” and move on with our lives. Now I’m not asking you to pick up a python if you find one in your premises; I’ll probably run as fast as possible from such…..or maybe I can just be the David of the day, u know, the one that killed Goliath. I don’t think motivational speaking (or writing) is my gift but the buttom line is that we should be “bold” in resolving a lot of problems/issues around us. Instead of just praying for a hero that will come to save us, let’s save ourselves. I’m not ruling out the fact that there are situations that only God alone can be our deliverer…..but God will not come down to PICK UP THAT FROG. At the end of the day, the bold ones will stand out and be rewarded for their “heroic” deeds. So go ahead, PICK UP THAT FROG…..enough said