It is OFFICIAL. I’m now a blogger. Finally!! I’ve procrastinated for too long. Finally, here’s where you can keep in touch with me & my weekly activities. If there’s a question or issue you want us to resolve, you could blurt it out to me at and I’ll do my best to resolve it. Forgive me if the blog is not as fancy as others you might have come across, but I welcome fresh ideas. Here’s to wishing you the best in 2011. I look forward to keeping you posted.

Photographically yours,



  1. Gbemi · February 23, 2011

    Yay! Yay!!
    First is cos you finally got round to it.
    Second is cos I’m the first to comment *bbm dancing smiley*
    Welcome to blogville. Have fun :o)


  2. Oyebola Famuyiwa · November 15, 2011

    Ok now I’m second…yipeee…lol


  3. Linda Adigun · January 12, 2012

    Why am i here? Because i intend to read every one of your posts from the very beginning to the end. I have a feeling our paths might cross someday as i have my eyes and heart set on photography as a career.


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